Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Result-oriented email marketing strategies that deliver results. Hounddog offers customized email marketing solutions to help you send the right message to your customers.

Email marketing is an essential tool in today’s business marketing strategy. This is the reason why we bring you result-driven email marketing services to allow you successfully converse with your prospects and clients. We will devise your email strategies, segment your data, test and measure your results in an efficient way. As one of the important part of an integrated approach to marketing, Hounddog’s email marketing solutions can assist you in increasing customers, sales, build brand identification, communicate with clients and turn them to your website.

At Houndog, we can help you in setting up everything required to launch your successful email marketing campaigns. Our complete suite of integrated email marketing solutions include helping you with building a client database, creating an email marketing template and integrating your website onto a email promotion platform that will permit you to manage and track all your email marketing traffic. On the other hand, our email marketing solutions include managing all the aspects of your regular marketing strategies, including writing emails and disseminating the emails on your behalf.

Effective email marketing content  

At Hounddog, we know content is the biggest factor to make your email campaign successful. It improves your relations with your audience. Our copywriters are skilled in the art of persuasions with emails crafted to get your readers take quick actions. We will develop effective emails that include all the essential elements.

Grow and manage your audience 

Our management tools and additions will help you develop email marketing contact data and build segments.

Use email automation for your email campaigns 

We will help you use email automation to automatically trigger emails with relevant content like welcome emails, thank you emails and reminder emails.

Real-time reports to track your success 

We will help you with real-time reports for your email marketing campaigns. You can keep a track on things like who opened it, shared it and much more.

24/7 Customer Service 

Our team of email marketing specialists provides support all round the clock. We have many clients in our list of highly satisfied customers.

Tell us about your project and transformations will start today

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