How has SEO changed with time?

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There was a time when with a few simple tricks, websites used to pop up immediately to the top of Google’s ranking. But with time, SEO has become a complex process that requires sound knowledge and experience. According to professionals working in the field of search engine optimization in Daytona Beach, what used to be just about the relevant keywords is now all about authority, reputation management, web content, keywords,  engaging content and location information.

Today, SEO is quite different from what it was a couple of years back. Let’s see the top reasons why it is not same as before.

Search engine optimization is not all about PageRank anymore

Earlier, businesses used to concentrate more on PageRank. It is an algorithm which is used to gaze the rank of the website based on the quality and quantity of links to said web page.  But that’s not the case anymore. Google and other reputable search engines have smartened up. There are now about 180 to 200 different ranking factors that go into a page’s placing in top rankings.  Today your objective should not only be to focus on right keywords. Google considers more about your authority, ease of use of your website, and many other factors aside from your PageRank.  It means search engine optimization in Daytona Beach is more about good quality links, great content and a great user-experience.

Today keywords is more about placement than density

Although keyword density still matters, keyword placement is more important. Your objective should be to have keywords in fresh content, in the right place on your web pages and landing pages. You need to make sure they are ones that people are looking for. You need to concentrate on keywords that attract both search engines and your audience.

Hope you will admit that SEO is not same as it was a couple of years back. This evolving strategy requires consistent analysis and dedication to ensure you are playing right.   The solution to harness the power of search engine optimization in Daytona Beach is to hire a dependable SEO expert. You will be assured your SEO project is in right hands.

The professional SEO agencies have adequate knowledge and experience of the industry. Even many of them have a team of professionals with expertise in web design and web development in Florida.  So when you are hiring their services, you can rely on them for other digital marketing services also.